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Sham Shui Po: Retelling the Stories from the Past is a collaborative project created from three different perspectives: a group of old childhood friends who were born and grew up in Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po neighborhood; students of Kowloon Technical School located nearby; and myself, as a visiting artist. Using the process of introductions, the work begins with me, the artist, meeting Mr. Leung Yau Fong, who then introduces me to Mr. CS Chan, who further introduces me to Mr. and Mrs. Yeung. The stories that unfold during these conversations reveal the different sentiments towards Sham Shui Po that each individual held within their own memory. In the project, the stories take the form of an art book, with texts in both Chinese and English, accompanied by imaginative illustrations drawing from the content of each story. Each page is designed in a traditional Chinese format to connect each person’s stories with those of the others, bringing their pasts together in the form of art. Afterward, students are invited to retell the stories in the same manor that they would read their lessons aloud in class. Using video recordings, the reenactment is transformed into an animation with sound; all these are incorporated in the form of multimedia book piece.

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2008 “Farewell to Post-Colonialism”, The Third Guangzhou Triennial,
Guangdong Museum of Art, China