Short Description:

Wind Study is an interactive installation exploring the notion of wind as a metaphor for the virtual. The artwork represents wind both as the human breath and as an energy generator. Upon entering the gallery, the viewer finds computer fans hanging on the wall in a line at eye level, spaced one foot apart.  A massing of wires connects one to the next.  Viewers are invited to participate by blowing a sensor at the beginning of the line, which transforms their breath into electric power, sparking a domino effect of electric fans. The speed of the fans is determined by the strength of one’s breath as they blow on the sensor. Wind Study demonstrates the dominance of mediated experience in contemporary culture, and invites us to consider the meaning of time and space.

2011  "MultiMedia - MultiVisions", Ardel Gallery of Modern Art,
Bangkok, Thailand
2010 "Pixilerations [v.6]: The Great Disruption", Sol Koffler Gallery,
Rhode Island, USA