Short Description:

A Walk in the Landscape of Pigeons represents the contrast between fleeting dreams and social values. It is inspired by the common sequence of pigeons that flutter off when people walk close to them. This scene is recreated in still images printed on recycled Thai bank notes made of discards from the National Bank of Thailand. Each bunch of recycled notes contains 100 sheets of papers. The sheets are animated by a bank note counting machine and then recorded with sound and video. Together, with an installation of sculptural forms made of recycled bank notes, five video screens function automatically using sensors, and are placed at the entrance of the exhibition hall. Prompted each time a viewer walks in the room, the screens show birds scattering from the nearest screen to the farthest one across the shuffling bank notes, symbolizing the fleeting dream of possessing plenty of money.

2004 “Landscape: Transmitting Thoughts”, The National Gallery,
Bangkok, Thailand