Short Description:

Containerized Ready-Made Human Products represents the artificially induced consumerism brought about by world globalization.  The work addresses the effects of the Tom Yum Kung Crisis (named after the famous Thai hot and spicy shrimp soup), which occurred during Thailand’s dramatic economic expansion and collapse in 1997.  This sudden change was the starting point of the global economic crisis of the late 1990s. The series of works are comprised of a chrome street-sale trolley, a kiosk, and industrial containers.  These components display multiple screen-printed images of human features—-such as eyes, noses, mouths and brains—with barcodes mimicking product packaging.  Such materials reflect the tremendous technological and industrial advances seen globally in recent decades that have prompted a new value: the worship of material possessions and services.

2000 “Ready-Made Human Products for Sale”, Propaganda Shop,
The Emporium Shopping Complex, Bangkok, Thailand