Short Description:

The Room with a Bird is an interactive installation that begins with a poem:

The Room with a Bird

Inside the room, there is a bird.
Nobody knows where the bird came from.
The bird might not find a way out of the room,
or maybe, the bird really wants to stay in the room—we never know.
In fact, the room is empty, and the bird is invisible.
The way people sense the bird is only by listening to the sound
of the multiple bird swings that hang from the ceiling in the room.
When people come close to a swing the bird is on,
the bird leaves the swing and moves to another one.
As long as people move, the bird moves.

As a person, I do not need to find the bird.
As a visual artist, I need to keep the bird invisible.
As a media artist, I may need to find out what the bird looks like,
and where the bird is going, or I may not.

Using a “window” to outside the room,
I want to bridge the gap between people and the invisible bird.

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2011 Changwon Asian Art Festival, Changwon, South Korea
2010 “Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon”, The 4th Auckland Triennial,
Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand