Short Description:

Bangkok: The Story of A City is a video installation that represents the constant evolution of Bangkok and its people throughout its history and into the future.  The notion of library is considered, metaphorically, as a witness, and literally, as an infinite collection of books describing Bangkok and its people. The Central Library of Chulalongkorn University and the National Library of Bangkok are both records that reflect the ever-changing identity in the city.  A library scene is recreated in the exhibition space, where books about the city are categorized under the keyword, ”Bangkok,” and lie amidst the usual library paraphernalia. Images and sounds from the original sources are edited to dramatize the overall effects, such as the crashing sound of books falling on one another when being removed. This suggests the collapse of bricks in a dilapidated building, evidence of a changing cityscape. One can contemplate the perspective from which the author describes the city, and later, the viewpoint from which the audience witnesses and responds to the installation.

2005 “Lak-Ka-Pid-Lak-Ka-Perd: The Bangkok Invisible Landscapes”,
Art Center, Center of Academic Resources, Central Library of
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand