Short Description:

On the Ball (The Game Has Begun. “Beware Crossing the Grid”) recaptures the conspicuous aspects of popular games. It invites the audience to examine the validity of comparing life to a contest. In the “game,” two members of the audience are selected to handle TV game monitors, in which they control the two opposing teams, by playing the Pong game, one of the earliest game in the world. If members of the audience unknowingly step off into a “grid” space, their positions are immediately transferred and projected onto large, vertical screens as a yellow rectangle brick. Unwillingly, they become players within the game. Also, their representation as a yellow square on the screen will obstruct the direction of the ball.  Behind the screens are 12 TV monitors that display images of the excited and focused spectators. These monitors are placed on a terraced stadium framework, akin to bleachers in a sports arena.  This process transforms both the gallery space into the competitive field and an ordinary audience into the realm of cultural, and mass media. This work was created from events in 2005 and 2006, when political problems in Thailand became complicated and difficult to solve by existing systems.

“On the Ball (The Game Has Begun. “Beware of Crossing the Grid”)”,
Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand